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Central and Eastern Europe have attracted strategic initiatives for many years. Its geographical location between Western Europe and Asia, its various political systems and aspects, as well as its intellectual richness give a strategic meaning to this part of the world.


Market information

  • Estonia has been a Member of European Union since 2004.
  • The country has a strategical geographic postion at the EU's borders and the gateway to Russia and Scandinavia.
  • Public finances are healthy.
  • Estonia has low public and private debt levels.
  • The country is the star of the Euro zone through a combination of good results (growth, positive fiscal balance, low debt).
  • Estonia has focused on its energy security by developing an energy strategy of recent years.
  • The country is heavily dependent on foreign investment.

French investments in Estonia increased in recent years (6th place among investors, 179 million Euros stocks).


  • Strong appeal for foreign direct investment
  • Flexibility of the labour market
  • French investments in Estonia have increased in recent years


  • Depends on exports to other Baltic countries, Scandinavia and Russia
  • Low growth rate
  • 95% of assets held by foreign banks


Surface area
45 698 km²
1.333 million inhabitants
Euro (EUR)
GDP Growth
1.5 % in 2014
Per capita GDP
19 778 USD
Corporate taxes
20 %
Social security contributions
33 %
Working week
40 hours / week

Paid leave
Min. 28 days / year

Country COFACE notation
Business environment
French subsidiaries
represent 8 % of Estonian GDP