LOGOS has advised and assisted French companies in the Central and Eastern European markets for over 20 years. LOGOS acquired experience on the spot, helping 1200 companies in their expansion.

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Because we are aware that efficient international business development relies on the high quality of services, we do our best to meet our clients’ expectations. The recognition shown by our clients on a daily basis is our greatest satisfaction and constant goal.

Thank you for your confidence!

What they say about us...

"It's important to me to demonstrate once again my satisfaction concerning the work supplied for 3 months for the development of my company in Poland. The fulfilment of a complete market study enabled a perfect targeting of the actors to contact for the market research. This was followed by a serial of fruitful and essential business meetings for the development of my company in Poland. The impact of the future contracts will certainly provide us a mediatised and international standing. As CEO of a start-up, I would like to thank you for the quality of the work with your partners and for the achievements. It gave me the possibility to be present in Poland rapidly and I believe that your will of acting directly on the field is a real advantage to penetrate complex market such as ours: sport building safety."


"We really appreciated your help in this complex economic period. While a company is in the stage of development, it's not rare that it has to change its business model along the way."

Didier LAMY

"I would like to congratulate the entire LOGOS team for their professionalism and the effectiveness of the organisation and especially for being comprehensive and flexible during the time you devoted to our project. The remote work of the French-Pole teams must be congratulated as it has been fruitful. I hope that our setting-up project (no matter in what form) will be sucessful as well."              


"I would like to warmly thank our partners for the quality of business relations, the overall organisation of the task and their effectiveness in sense of timing! Thank you everyone. I've been very pleased with this week with you."

Antoine de CERNON

"I want to thank you especially for your crucial help during the "Infrastruktura" fair. We are still dealing with some of the contacts we met there to develop an effective partnership. I hope that we'll stay in contact for further development in Poland or somewhere else."        

Philippe PERUT

"It's important to me to thank you for the organisation of this market research task in Poland. The welcome was excellent and the organisation was perfect. The speakers of the presentation were enthralling. The companies we contacted met our target exactly. Meetings with two of them have been very fruitful, relations were very positive, open and receptive to my demands. We are planning a commercial campaign to advertise our technology in Poland soon."

Frédéric GUILLET

“Thanks to your will, pugnacity, availability, we were able to find a good partner, and create a tool which will be rapidly competitive and finally to recruit an employee recommended to us who was very suitable for the role.”

Gilbert METHIVIER, President

“Consequent to the market research task realized, the aim of the business trip organized for us by LOGOS was to meet potential local partners. The objectives of this task were to show in more details STCM itself and its references and know-how. Generally, the companies that we met expressed strong interest in the design methods of STCM. The major difficulty was the language barrier which was overtaken by the LOGOS team. Our starting objectives have been successfully reached."

Laurent HUTIN

"Effectiveness and professionalism, very good knowledge of technical terms and of French language were always present at LOGOS."

M. LAURENT, International relation manager


"I discovered the subsidies of the Champagne Ardennes Region thanks to an export forum. We spoke with LOGOS and its partners according to our expectations about Ukraine. LOGOS began a survey and market research with its partners which organized market research business trip for me with a time-filled agenda and numerous meetings. I had good backup there and good organization. Once back, LOGOS and its partners sent me a report of the business trip with relaunches and propositions of partnerships of some of the companies visited there. This task has been very professional, the exchanges were fruitful and the Regional Council willing to grant a subsidy. For small and medium-size companies like our, financial help is not a “luxury” but precious help." 

Franck MAZY

"The mission was carried out in a very relevant way, good identification of companies of the required type. The consultant done an excellent work”.


"Arma Plus recruited a sales representative in Poland because the CEE markets seemed particularly interesting. Our Chamber of Commerce and some other persons told us about LOGOS. After a few meetings, we entrusted our employee with LOGOS. It was at first a heavy responsibility for a young graduate person, and that is why it seemed necessary to have him supervised by a professional and available team. Our relationships with LOGOS during these 12 months were rich in terms of marketing aspects and allowed us to support and "guide" our employee in an efficient way."

Thierry FORGET, Marketing and sales development director

“The relevance of appointments, the investment of LOGOS in each visit, the quality of analyses and attention brought to the group, are many elements which contributed to the success of our mission.”

“We gave LOGOS the mission to research the potential of the Polish market. At the beginning, we were interested in Poland and Czech Republic. In our country, the sausage and dry sausage market is very narrow. After observing Eastern European markets Poland appeared more interesting in terms of market size and retailing sector with a strong presence of French companies. On the strategic level, it’s an interesting country for us with strong purchasing power and an interest in French specialties. Poland can also be a door to surrounding countries. We are fully satisfied with the effects of the work delivered by LOGOS."

Olivier MICHONNEAU, Marketing and Export Director



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