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Central and Eastern Europe have attracted strategic initiatives for many years. Its geographical location between Western Europe and Asia, its various political systems and aspects, as well as its intellectual richness give a strategic meaning to this part of the world.


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  • Poland has been a Member of the European Union since 1st May 2004.
  • The country has a strategical geographical situation half-way between Paris, Moscow, Stockholm and Budapest. It is also at the centre of Eastern Europe.
  • Poland benefits from a well-managed economy which resisted better than other European countries during the global crisis. It was the only European country that saw its GDP grow during the last global crisis.
  • The country is open to international trade: its exports represent more than 60% of the GDP.
  • The manufacturing industry is the main driving force of the Polish economy representing more than 30% of the GDP.
  • The most important economic sectors are the food industry, wine industry, distribution, high standard goods, telecommunications and IT, mining industry, quarries, sustainable/renewable energies, and the automotive industry.

Poland is the main trading partner of France in Central Europe. Total trade with Poland reached 14.6 billion euros in 2013, French exports to Poland amounted to 6.7 billion euros and Polish imports in France, 7.9 billion euros.


  • The only EU country to have escaped recession in 2009
  • The attractiveness for FDI is enhanced by the size of the domestic market
  • The economy is diversified
  • First beneficiary of the EU Structural Funds
  • Competitiveness / Price
  • Skilled and inexpensive labour


  • Insufficient investment rate
  • Currency risk
  • A significant regional disparity
  • Strong household debt in foreign currency







Surface area
312 685 km²
38.5 million inhabitants
Polish zloty (PLN)
GDP Growth
3.6 % in 2015
Per capita GDP
14 336.8 USD in 2014
Corporate taxes
Social security contributions
Working week
40 hours / week
Paid leave
26 days / year
Country COFACE notation
Business environment
French subsidiaries
More than 750