Our services

We believe that every client is unique and has different needs in terms of international development. That's why we decide to offer you more than a simple advisory service, but a unique and customized project from start to finish. At LOGOS, the solution is created with the client. We analyse your strengths and weaknesses on the local market, so that your development project may be secured and lasting. Every project is carried out by a consultant specialized in your branch of business activity.

Commercial monitoring

Commercial monitoring is the most important element in the success of an export project. That’s why LOGOS proposes to follow actions in the field, in order to detect opportunities and to actively develop your current business on-site, putting at your disposal a timeshare commercial representative which will watch over each step of your project.

Business meeting

  • Set-up your meetings planning
  • Optimize your visit in the country
  • Assist you during your meetings with potential partners

LOGOS bilingual consultants and our position in Central and Eastern Europe allow us to understand cultural and commercial practices of local companies and overcome difficulties. Each of our consultants is an experienced negociator and will help you to finalize at best your projects.

LOGOS follow-up

Our consultant will follow-up on :

  • The evolution and trends in your market (intelligence, call for tenders…)
  • Your contacts met during business meetings
  • Your orders from beginning to end, regulary and in your name, in order to respect the established terms and conditions.

Commercial representation

  • To durably boost the sales of your products in Eastern Europe
  • To maintain a continuous interaction with local partners in order to efficiently implement your company in one or several markets.

Through targeted and consistent activities, our sales representative will bring you long-term, efficient solutions. The aim of the sales representative is to constantly evaluate the viability of actions to be put in place and to coordinate common projects to promote your products or services in the long-term.

Individual coaching

  • We assist your staff, supporting the development their work quality and efficiency and improving the reliability of their actions.

Our experimented LOGOS consultants assist your employees during your project.


  • To get a better view of your company’s organization and balanced strengths and weaknesses.

LOGOS will provide you with a report containing information in order to correct the detected problems.

Strategic advice

  • To optimize the development of your company

A LOGOS consultant will provide strategic recommendations for the efficient development of your business in Eastern European markets.