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Central and Eastern Europe have attracted strategic initiatives for many years. Its geographical location between Western Europe and Asia, its various political systems and aspects, as well as its intellectual richness give a strategic meaning to this part of the world.


Market information

  • Ukraine has a very open economy, the share of foreign trade in the country's GDP has reached more than 100%.
  • The agricultural sector plays an important role in the economy. It employs about 17% of the population and contributes around 10% of GDP. The main productions are: cereals, sugar, meat and milk.
  • Ukraine is the fifth largest exporter of grain in the world.
  • The country is rich in mineral resources, the main ones being iron and magnesium, and in energy resources (coal and gas).
  • The Ukrainian manufacturing sector is dominated by heavy industries such as iron (Ukraine is the sixth largest producer of iron in the world) and steel.
  • Ukraine is a transit country for energy, providing transportation of oil and Russian and Caspian gas through its territory to Western Europe and the Balkans.


The French market share of 2.3% in 2014 puts the country in fourth place among European suppliers of Ukraine: Ukrainian statistics for the first 11 months in 2014 place France behind Germany (9.5%), Poland (5.5%) and Italy (2.7%). France is consolidating its positions in the segments of pesticides and pharmaceutical preparations.


  • Significant economic potential: mineral and energy resources, vast and fertile agricultural land
  • A skilled workforce and inexpensive
  • Major comparative advantages in the food sector (25% of exports of goods)


  • Low economic diversification and dependence on metal prices and the price of imported gas
  • Private sector indebtedness
  • Political instability makes it difficult to apply a coherent economic policy
  • A fragile banking sector



Surface area
603 700 km²
42.282 million inhabitants
Hryvnia (UAH)
GDP Growth
-8 % in 2014
Per capita GDP
2 979 USD
Corporate taxes
18 %
Social security contributions
Between 15 and 17 %
Working week
Between 40 and 48 hours / week
Paid leave
24 days / year
Country COFACE notation
Business environment
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